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– Enable and Disable Screen Share and Annotation for Participants

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By: Ryan Johnson Hosts using the Zoom desktop client can allow multiple participants share their screens simultaneously during a meeting. Click the arrow to the right of Share Screen , then select Multiple participants can share simultaneously. This allows multiple participants to share their screen at the same time. Depending on their setup, participants will see the following: Participants using dual monitors can see the two most recently shared screens on each monitor.

Participants using a single monitor see the most recently shared screen. Participants can select View Options to change the screen they are viewing. Participants using the Zoom mobile app see the most recently shared screen.

They cannot change the screen they are viewing. Limitations Sharing multiple screens simultaneously has the following limitations: When you enable the option to share multiple screens simultaneously, the options Share computer audio and Optimize for full-screen video clip are not available.

Participants using the mobile app cannot share when anyone else is sharing. Click Select the Monitor and choose your primary display from the drop-down menu. This mode of use is also handy if you want to have other applications visible on the second display while giving a streaming presentation. The second thing you should do is set up Zoom for dual-monitor support.

Note: We tested this on the latest desktop client for Windows 10, not the web client. Based on the Zoom documentation noted at the beginning of this story, the web client does not support dual monitors. First, click the small gear or cog icon for Settings, under your profile picture in the application. It should take you to the General tab, but if not, click General. Check the box for Use dual monitors. Just pick the window that has PowerPoint.


Can you share dual screens on zoom – none: –

Using the Advanced options in the share screen menu in Zoom, you may share just a portion of the screen. This can be used in conjunction with. Disable desktop/screen share for users: OFF (If you need to allow screen sharing during your Zoom meeting, you can change settings in the live meeting to. The dual-monitor display feature allows the video layout and screen share con can be displayed on one monitor while the other monitor displays a content.


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In the ‘Who can start sharing.. Zoom Settings. Basic Safety Info. Individual Settings. Safer Meeting IDs. Zoom Meeting and Webinar platforms are similar in many ways but each have unique features…. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Youtube. What is making the gray boxes appear? Why does this happen?

How can I fix this? Enter video conferencing and screen sharing… The typical business computer has parts that meet specifications or are specced for the anticipated type of computing to be done.

Recommendation 1 Use two monitors By moving the video or content that you are trying to share to one screen and all Zoom windows and other applications that you do not want to share to the other screen, you can effectively prevent the gray boxes from being shared.

Recommendation 2 Share a portion of the screen Using the Advanced options in the share screen menu in Zoom, you may share just a portion of the screen. Recommendation 3: Advanced share video option If you are sharing a video clip, Zoom now allows you to play the file directly to screen sharing which greatly enhances the playback quality, your workflow to play and system utilization.

Recommendation 4: Hide floating menus Zoom has added a feature to let you hide the floating menu and it appears to be effective and temporarily relieving this issue. When you start sharing your screen, the meeting controls will move into a menu that you can drag around your screen.

New Share : Start a new screen share. You will be prompted to select which screen you want to share again. Pause Share : Pause your current shared screen. Chat : Open the chat window. Invite : Invite others to join the meeting. Keyboard Shortcuts: Control Zoom using shortcuts on an external keyboard. Maximum Zoom Level: Drag the slider to adjust the level. If you use iPhone with a pointer device, you can also set the following below Pointer Control: Zoom Pan: Choose Continuous, Centered, or Edges to set how the screen image moves with the pointer.

Adjust Size with Zoom: Allow the pointer to scale with zoom. Use Zoom Double-tap the screen with three fingers or use accessibility shortcuts to turn on Zoom. To see more of the screen, do any of the following: Adjust the magnification: Double-tap the screen with three fingers without lifting your fingers after the second tap , then drag up or down.




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