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Let Us Help You. You can use it as a standalone audio recorder, no plugs, no jacks, sound will be stored in the memory card. There are plenty of “battery drain” results for the H1n on other review sites so I am not holding my breath.


Field recording: A beginner’s guide to quality audio – SoundGuys.


This makes the recorder highly sensitive to sounds all around it and is the main reason why it delivers such good audio quality. The flip side of course is that because the voice recorder picks up ambient sound so well, it can only be used in quiet environs, unless combined with an external microphone.

Using this when moving the recorder can reduce handling noise considerably. The low-cut filter in this voice recorder prevents wind noise from interfering with your recording, which is great for outdoor recordings. However, this is NOT sufficient for cutting out loud background noise. When recording at a noisy location like an interview at a pub you would need to either place the voice recorder very close to the speaker or use a lavalier microphone recommended.

If the wind is very high like at the beach in the video you would need to use a windscreen to protect the microphone. But the high sensitivity also means that the recorder catches unwanted sounds like drumming on tables, books and documents being moved around, and noise from people passing the recorder around. To remedy this, attach the voice recorder to a tripod and place it with the microphones facing towards the group. The add-on accessory pack includes a small tripod that is quite handy, but it has plastic feet, so you might need to bolster it with some shock absorbing support like a fat book.

As with all voice recorders, the sound quality is best when the recorder is placed close to the participants. So keep your Zoom H1n as close to the speakers as possible.

For larger groups more than , consider combining the voice recorder with an external microphone. The Zoom H1n is the one of the smallest voice recorders in the market 44 W x D x 31 H mm and light enough to carry in your pocket or purse 2.

Zoom also says that battery life when using an alkaline battery is up to 10 hours, even during continuous recording. But users have reported that the battery drains quickly so you should carry spares. You also have the option of using an AC adapter that can be plugged into a wall socket. This adapter does not come in the box but is part of the accessory pack if you opt to buy it. It records directly to microSD cards which have to be bought separately up to 32GB. WAV is an uncompressed format with better audio quality but heavier file size.

MP3 is a compressed file format that takes up less storage but has a lower fidelity. The MP3 format is adequate for most recording purposes. The built-in speaker of the Zoom H1n is located in front of the voice recorder. The accessory pack includes:. Overall the Zoom H1n voice recorder is an excellent device in this price range.

Your note on interviews indicates that the mike needs to be pointed toward the group, which suggests degree coverage. Is it possible to place it in such a way as to catch sound, as in a group interview or something where the interviewer is on one side of a table and the interviewee s opposite?

Thank you for a very helpful article. Coverage is better if the recorder is placed at the corner of the table with no speakers sitting behind the recorder.

In playback mode, you can add marks eg to pick out key moments from an interview , check info about the recording, repeat and select sections. Pressing Stop and Play buttons together outputs a reference tone , for setting audio levels on the camera.

Like its predecessor, the H1n can record a beautiful stereo image from its internal microphone. The booming wind noise that plagued the old model has disappeared. Handling noise is also reduced, but you still need to be careful. In my tests, I mainly mounted the H1n on a Gorillapod, while the tests at the beach were on a Manbily monopod reversed as a boom pole.

But I held the device body in my hands for the final clip in the park, and you can hear some slight handling noise. You can get slight hiss with some external microphones, depending on their output level. I did these tests in different conditions: speech indoors and outdoors using the built-in microphones and a couple of external microphones.

I also tried using it for recording feet walking on pebbles, waves lapping on the beach, and ambient sound in the pier and in a park.

The new controls and options are useful, but for me the biggest plus is the lack of wind noise. The H1n is great for filmmaking, and a good introduction to audio field recording. Check our help guide for more info. On a boom Proper directional boom microphones are expensive. Controls and features There are some big changes to the controls. The backlit monochrome LCD screen is brighter and more informative than the old one.

Performance Like its predecessor, the H1n can record a beautiful stereo image from its internal microphone. Tests I did these tests in different conditions: speech indoors and outdoors using the built-in microphones and a couple of external microphones. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. Functional Functional Always active The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network.

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